What are vacation rental customers looking for?

clientes de alquileres vacacionales

Vacation rental clients specifically in Europe want to receive more personalized services and not just a house to stay. Knowledge of these trends can present new opportunities for our vacation homes in this new season that is upon us.

Vacation rental customers are looking for a unique and authentic vacation experience, when making a reservation, they look above all at factors such as the quality of the internet connection in the house and its proximity to supermarkets, shops, restaurants or bars. .

Some of the aspects that they usually look for are the following:

  1. Location: the location of the holiday home is one of the most important aspects for clients. Many look for accommodation that is close to the beach, supermarkets, shops, restaurants or bars.
  2. Amenities: Clients look for vacation homes that offer comforts similar to those of their home, such as an equipped kitchen, Internet connection, air conditioning, washing machine, parking, among others.
  3. Size: The size of the home is another important aspect for clients, especially if they travel in groups or with the family. They look for accommodations that have enough space for everyone. They opt for single-family houses, apartments or flats of preference with the possibility of enjoying a balcony, garden or terrace.
  4. Price: Price is another factor that influences the decision of customers. Many are looking for vacation homes that fit their budget.
  5. Local experience: many clients look for holiday homes that allow them to experience the local culture, so they look for accommodation in charming areas, close to tourist attractions and with a wide gastronomic offer.
  6. Safety and cleanliness: Safety and cleanliness are fundamental aspects for clients looking for vacation homes. They want to be sure that the accommodation is clean and safe for them and their family.
Apartamento Puerto Rico 39 B4 Tossa de Mar

What are travelers with children and pets looking for?

Vacation rentals can be particularly well-suited to clients with children, often needing to offer more space per dollar than other forms of accommodation, outdoor space, and child-friendly amenities. Pets are increasingly part of the travel group and also have their own needs.

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