Tossa de Mar Routes and nature

Tossa de Mar Rutas y Naturaleza

Tossa de Mar is a beautiful coastal town located on the Costa Brava of Catalonia, Spain. In addition to its beaches and historic center, the city has several options for parks and natural areas to explore.

Some options for parks and nature in Tossa de Mar:

  1. Montnegre-Corredor Natural Park: This park is located a few miles north of Tossa de Mar and offers a variety of hiking, cycling, and horseback riding routes through mountainous landscapes and Mediterranean forests.
  2. Marimurtra Botanical Garden: This impressive botanical garden is located in a privileged location on a hill overlooking the sea and has a wide collection of exotic and Mediterranean plants.
  3. Gavarres Natural Park: Located south of Tossa de Mar, this natural park offers a variety of hiking routes through mountainous landscapes and pine forests.
  4. Mar Menuda Beach: If you are looking for a quieter and more natural beach in Tossa de Mar, Mar Menuda Beach is a good option. It is located in a protected natural environment and has crystal-clear waters and a more relaxed atmosphere.
  5. Els Ametllers: This small public garden is located in the historic center of Tossa de Mar and has a variety of fruit trees and a natural water fountain.
  6. Sa Riera Park is a public green space, extensive (about 5 hectares) and flat, located around the Tossa stream, about 500 meters from the urban center of the town. In the park, we find several environments that configure a diverse environment of great natural and landscape value, which offer a multitude of possibilities for walking, resting, or leisure with family.
  7. Terrassans Park: Created on ancient agricultural terraces, “dels Terrassans” park is a green area located between Puerto Rico Avenue and the Lloret road, with an approximate surface of one hectare. The space offers a children’s play area, a small pond, and a recreation area for dogs. It has a drinking water fountain.

These are just some of the options for parks and natural areas that you can find in Tossa de Mar. The city and its surroundings offer many more options for those looking to explore nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Tossa de Mar has strongly bet on sustainability as the backbone of its tourism activity. Most of its territory is classified as a protected natural space. And it is a pioneer in applying environmental criteria in municipal management.

In 2018, it obtained the Biosphere certification, thus showing its commitment to sustainability and the environment. The particularity of Tossa de being a seaside town, but also a mountain town, gives it this great green lung that surrounds and envelops it until the sea.

This space of confluence of microclimates, green and blue landscapes, sources and streams, animal and plant species, smells, silences, dolmens, and masías is one of the great assets of the municipality.



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