The best activities to do in Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a beautiful coastal town on the Costa Brava of Catalonia, Spain. Thousands of tourists, including celebrities, have been captivated by its beauty. Visiting Tossa de Mar and enjoying your holidays with family or friends is an excellent option.

In case you are thinking about planning your vacation visiting Tossa de Mar, here are some of the best activities to do during your visit:

  1. Visit to the old town: Tossa de Mar has a well-preserved old town that is a maze of cobbled streets and medieval houses. Exploring the old town is an essential activity, as it will allow you to see the history of Tossa de Mar in every corner.
  2. Enjoy its beaches: Tossa de Mar has several beautiful beaches, such as Gran de Tossa beach, Cala Bona and Cala Pola. You can enjoy the sun, swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, and relax on the beach.
  3. Visit the Castle of Tossa de Mar: The Castle of Tossa de Mar is a medieval fortress built in the 12th century. It is one of the most important points of interest in the city, and from there you can enjoy spectacular views of the town and the sea.
  4. Hiking on the Ruta del Faro: The Ruta del Faro is a coastal walk that takes visitors from the center of Tossa de Mar to the Tossa lighthouse. This route offers impressive views of the sea, the coast and the cliffs. You can also make a stop at Cala Llevadó, a beautiful beach in the middle of the route.
  5. Tasting of the local gastronomy: The Costa Brava is known for its excellent food and wine. In Tossa de Mar, you can try traditional Catalan dishes such as arroz caldoso, fideuá, zarzuela, and many other delicious seafood and fish dishes. You can also try some of the local wines from the region. You can get the contacts of some of the best restaurants in the region by visiting our articleThe 8 best restaurants to eat in Tossa de Mar.

If you are looking for the whole family to enjoy, there are activities to do in Tossa de Mar for the whole family, here are some options:

  1. Visit to the water park: The Tossa de Mar water park is a great option to spend a fun day with the family. It has attractions for all ages, from slides for the bravest to swimming pools for the little ones.
  2. Boat trip: Enjoy a boat trip along the coast of Tossa de Mar. It is an activity that everyone will love, since you will be able to admire the beautiful views of the sea and the coast of the Costa Brava. Additionally, some boat tours even include stops to swim in the crystal clear waters off the coast.
  3. Visit to the Museum of the Sea: The Museum of the Sea in Tossa de Mar is an educational activity for the whole family. The museum has exhibits that show the history and culture of fishing in the region, as well as the marine fauna and flora of the Mediterranean.
  4. Beach games: Tossa de Mar has several beaches where you can play games like frisbee, volleyball, soccer and many others. You can spend an afternoon at the beach playing family games, or just relaxing on the sand.
  5. Visit to the Tossa de Mar caves: The Tossa de Mar caves are a series of natural caves that can be visited on a guided tour. The visit is exciting for everyone, since you can see stalactites, stalagmites and other impressive rock formations.
  6. Bike hire: Rent bikes for the whole family and cycle around Tossa de Mar. There are many routes to choose from, from coastal rides to more challenging trails. Plus, it’s a healthy and fun way to explore the area.
parque acuatico en Tossa de Mar



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