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Next we are going to expose the new cleaning action measures in all our holiday homes and apartments. To be able to offer all our clients accommodation without covid-19. Safe accommodation without Coronavirus.


Due to the pandemic that is happening to us, we are acting with strict cleaning and security measures, as advised by the Ministry of Health, and following local recommendations and guides from official sources and the Health Organization (WHO) itself.


At Company Gestions Club we are adopting maximum cleaning measures and following a strict hygiene protocol. Offering a certificate of disinfection and cleaning by an external company.




Cleaning measures the Check-list

Currently, our cleaning staff is carrying out an exotic cleaning and disinfection protocol for all areas accessible by our clients.


How we proceed to clean our accommodation

  • All surfaces that are often used: Will be disinfected and cleaned at every change of host
  • In this disinfection we include: Door handles and handles, furniture and appliances, kitchen countertops, tables and chairs, switches, remote controls, small appliances, kitchen and bathroom faucets, bedside tables and cabinets, also outdoor areas such as private gardens or terraces. 


Cleaning will be carried out in two clearly differentiated parts

  • A first cleaning with soapy water on floors and furniture areas in the living room, bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. And a second disinfection cleaning with recommended detergents to eliminate germs.
  • To carry out the cleaning and disinfection of the accommodations, cloths will be used that will be washed in washing machines at high temperatures once the cleaning of the apartment is finished.
  • In addition, the apartments will be ventilated during and after cleaning. Surely when they get to the apartments the windows are open, it is one more hygiene measure.
  • And finally, our cleaning staff will be equipped with masks and gloves, which will be discarded at the end of cleaning each accommodation.


Strict cleaning measures for sheets and towels

  • The bedding (sheets, bedspreads, mattress protectors and pillows) and towels will be collected by our cleaning staff, and placed in bags for their transfer to the laundry, where they will be washed at high temperatures and with detergents indicated for proper disinfection.

What are the surfaces to be disinfected by the covid-19

Cleaning and disinfection in living room: floor, tea tables, switches, blinds and curtain ropes, TV remote control and finally cushions and sofas special cleaning with steam machine at high temperatures.

Cleaning and disinfection in the kitchen: kitchen floors and walls, oven, dishwasher, taps, door handles and drawers, small appliances, and finally, thorough cleaning and disinfection of the fridge both inside and outside

Cleaning and disinfection of the dining area such as: table and chairs, in addition to the tablecloths being cloth washed in the laundry at high temperatures and with suitable detergents.


Cleaning and disinfection of bedrooms: floors, cabinets, bedside tables, lamps and switches, ropes for blinds and curtains. In addition to the change of all the clothes to dress the bed in each change of client

Bathroom cleaning and disinfection: floors and walls, taps and showers, marble, bath or shower trays, toilet, glass partitions and light switches and sockets

Cleaning and disinfection of outdoor areas such as terraces or private gardens: floors, table, chairs, deckchairs, railings and terrace taps, as well as handles for shade awnings.

We appreciate your trust in Company Gestions Club, for us the new hygiene and cleaning measures are essential for a holiday without covid-19, the confidence of being able to offer our clients a family holiday in a quiet and beach environment in Tossa de Mar , the heart of the Costa Brava, and far from the daily routine.   



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